Growing Collection of Delicious Mediterranean Food Recipes

Experience Authentic Mediterranean Cuisines As They Truly Are

The authentic Mediterranean diet recipes are based on cooking traditions still followed by the Mediterranean peoples that have lived for millennia by the Mediterranean Sea.

We are aware that many people think of the Mediterranean diet as though it were some sort of medical diet that you follow to cure yourself of an ailment.

The Mediterranean diet is indeed healthy, and even some governments recommend it. However, we prefer to focus on the gastronomical perspective of the Mediterranean diet: What we Mediterranean peoples eat every day.

The Mediterranean peoples have always known to enjoy life, and enjoying the Mediterranean food is a very important aspect of the Mediterranean way of life. To us, it is much more fun, and health giving, than worrying about the exact amount of antioxidants in vegetables.

We invite you to do as we do, and we'd love to help you bring delicious Mediterranean recipes, and the pleasures of the genuine Mediterranean diet to your table.